Supercover Make-up? Never heard of them!

If that’s what you’re thinking, then read on because this could be the best five minutes of your life… okay, maybe not the best five minutes of your life, but maybe the most useful five minutes of your day.

Supercover was founded and run by Zaf Ansari. Here’s what he has to say on the brand (taken from the About Us section of the Supercover website).

“Supercover Professional Make-up was developed by make-up artist Zaf Ansari for the everyday consumer that was looking for the perfect base for the multitude of ethnicities of todays society, this is the basis of most peoples everyday make-up application. Consumers loved the coverage, loved the finish and loved the ease of finding a colour even though the Supercover pallet has over 40 shades of foundation alone.

Everyone starts with their foundation and then move on to colours accessories. This is the starting point of our education, colours are personal choice, however, your base is key, the perfect foundation base is for that superstar flawless finish and perfect tone. Understanding tone and colour is very important before we put a sponge in our hand or place a make-up brush between our fingers.”

Price: £25
Weight/ volume: 17g (approx £14.70 per 10g)
Shades: 41 (numbered 1 – 42, excl 13)
My shade: 17
Features: Highly pigmented cream foundation in over 40 shades.
Purchased/ sample: purchased


Sales Blurb:
• A water activated cream based make-up
• 40 shades to suit every skin tone
• Protects skin from sun and wind burn
• Won’t cake, crease or streak
• High pigment level ensures colour fidelity
• Lasts up to 12 hours
• Suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin
• Cruelty free: against animal testing
• Contains no alcohol, lanolin, mineral oils or perfume
• Anti-inflammatory formula that is calming to the skin

Does it actually do what it says?

A water activated cream based make-up
What is water-activated make-up? You apply with damp sponge (damp brush may leave streaks). Why apply damp? As the water evaporates, it sets the foundation. So no need to powder afterwards to set the foundation, unless you have very oily skin. Most water-activated foundations are wet-use powder foundations, like those produced by Graftobian or Ben Nye for theatrical use. Water-activated cream foundation (as opposed to powder) is a new concept for me but it seems to work on my skin. I haven’t set it with powder and it’s lasted beautifully.

40 shades to suit every skin tone
They actually have 41, so it’s one of the best ranges I’ve ever seen. From porcelain skin, right up to ebony. I would welcome views from very pale or very dark skinned ladies on whether the lightest and darkest shades are right for you, or whether they do come off yellow/ ashy.

Protects skin from sun and wind burn
Contains Titanium Dioxide for SPF, so definitely does contain sun protection. As always, the level of sun protection depends on how heavy you apply the foundation. Realistically you won’t get lots of SPF coverage with this, as the formula is so highly pigmented, and is thinned out when you apply damp anyway. As for wind burn, I haven’t had any particular issues with chapped skin due to wind burn, so I can’t comment.

Won’t cake, crease or streak
I always prefer applying cream foundation with a damp sponge, as it’s the method of application that minimises caking or streaking. It’s not really the foundation, but the application method recommended by Supercover that ensures no caking, creasing, streaking.

High pigment level ensures colour fidelity
So highly pigmented that if you use it neat (with brush or fingers instead of damp sponge) it will look very heavy and mask-like. I have applied with a stipple brush, but had to use a very tiny amount and a very light hand to avoid a foundation mask. It’s just that highly pigmented! Colour fidelity refers to the ‘what you see is what you get’ with the shades. It is genuinely true colour in that sense.

Lasts up to 12 hours
I have yet to test this out to 12 hours, but I have worn it comfortably without fading for 6 hours. I’ll update once I’ve worn it for longer.

Suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin
This is mainly due to it being alcohol-free and perfume-free. I don’t have sensitive skin, but I do have acne-prone skin. This foundation didn’t react to my skin or cause any breakouts, but as break-outs are a personal reaction, I can’t say for sure that everyone will be spot-free or redness-free.

Cruelty free: against animal testing
This is a key issue in today’s cosmetics market. I have been looking for a good range of cruelty-free foundation that won’t bankrupt me if I buy a range of shades for my kit. I am not particularly animal-friendly (that’s my choice, don’t judge me) but I have to give clients or models the option of cruelty-free make-up as well as brushes.

Contains no alcohol, lanolin, mineral oils or perfume
All true, so it’s all good. This helps the foundation be kinder to those with sensitive skin.

Anti-inflammatory formula that is calming to the skin
I have limited cosmetology/ chemistry knowledge and couldn’t work out which ingredient gives the anti-inflammatory properties. All I can say is that I had no skin irritation, redness or acne breakouts directly after using the foundation, or in subsequent days.


There are, however some downsides to the foundation…

Their shade numbering system is hard to follow. It feels haphazard as it’s not sequential, so it’s hard to pick the right shades to swatch. You end up swatching 6 or 7 to find the 3 shades closest to your skin. Supercover recognise this and have a handy shade guide on their website and on their leaflets (available wherever Supercover is stocked). The shade guide organises the different shades into 8 groupings: LIGHT Ivory to Pink tones; FAIR Beige to Tan tones; TANNED Dark Tan tones; LIGHT TO MEDIUM Pale Yellow tones; FAIR TO MEDIUM Beige to Yellow tones; MEDIUM Yellow to Gold tones; MEDIUM TO DARK Gold to Olive tones; DARK Orange to RED tones.

Not widely available. Other than trade shows like Olympia Beauty, Pro Beauty and IMATS, the only way to test foundation shades is to find a local beauty salon that stocks Supercover products. They aren’t sold in mainstream stores so it can be tricky to get hold of samples to shade match.

Usual flashback issues as with most foundation containing SPF. Can’t really be helped if using natural SPF sources.

Yay or nay
A definite YAY from me!

Awesome shade range, sheer/ medium/ heavy cover as desired, value for money (£14.70 per 10g compares to Bobbi Brown foundation stick £31.11 per 10g), high quality foundation. If you can get your hands on samples (avail online at ) or find a local stockist, you really should try this!

Personally, I have shade 17 full-size for my own use, and a 24-colour universal palette for my kit. I can turn up to any make-up job knowing I have a shade to match every skintone without the need to blend 2-3 shades.

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