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Some of my regular readers may know that one of the agencies I work with offers vintage makeover parties. One of the ways they keep the experience authentic is for all stylists to dress in period outfits and wear their hair & make-up in vintage style.


Over the past year I’ve found that wearing a hijab is no obstacle to rocking a vintage look.

1920’s make-up is broadly in two styles.  Firstly there’s the fresh faced nude eye with scarlet lips.


The second look is that popularised by Louise Brooks amongst others, and is a very smokey eye with red lip.


The difference here is that the lips are a small and very pronounced rounded shape.

Here’s how I made the 1920’s flapper girl look work for me with a modern update.


I kept my make-up simple and went for the nude-eye-red-lip combo. I kept my natural brow shape rather than going for the over-arched brow.

For my 1920’s hijab, I wore a lace underscarf and wrapped a white scarf into a turban, leaving the ends loose at the nape of my neck. I finished the look by exposing some of the lace underscarf and adding a crystal & feather accessory.

What do you think? It’s easier than you might think to rock the vintage look in hijab, it just takes a little creativity.

If you want to see more vintage-inspired hijab looks, let me know in the comments!