There is nothing I love more than working on photo shoots with like-minded creatives…


… but it’s not all peace, love & roses. I’ve had my fair share of model challenges. Here are my top three gripes when casting.

1. ‘Chase-me’ or ‘Catch me if you can’ models
When I write model casting calls, my pet peeve is when I give details of the job and say “to apply, please email me at with portfolio and stats” then I get replies to Facebook message saying, ‘hi I’m a model, email me if you want me …”

No, read my casting call and YOU contact me if you want to apply. I’m not chasing you because you can’t be bothered to read the advert and send me your credentials/ cv. If it were an office job, you’d never tell the employer to ’email me if you want me’, so don’t do it when answering modelling casting calls.

2. 50:50 models
If you’ve read the brief and agreed to it before committing to a shoot, don’t turn up and tell me you don’t want to shoot the chosen look(s). You knew the brief before committing and have wasted my time. I would have preferred to book a model that was willing to shoot all the planned & agreed looks.

3. No-shows
Less than 24h cancellation notice is what I consider a no-show. Do not expect me to shoot with you again. Ever.

A no-show has robbed another reliable model of a paid opportunity, and wasted my time, photographers time and expensive studio time. It also means that we run the risk of not fulfilling the brief. If you commit, then do turn up.

So… you still want to work with me? Remember the above and we’ll get along just fine… like these lovely ladies & gents I’ve been shooting with so far this year.