If you’ve been keeping an eye on celebrity fashion trends, you’ll have no doubt noticed the popularity of hand chains. Worn by Kelly Clarkson, Angelina Jolie, Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland amongst others.


The high street has been quick to follow the celebrity trend and both New Look and Topshop have a selection of hand chains in their accessories range.


Topshop hand chains. Prices £10 – £14. ©Topshop 2012. All rights reserved.

I love hand chains…

… but not like this.

For me a hand chain is a pancha. A proper Indian style hath pancha. I see the Topshop designs and can’t help feeling that they’ve come up short. Their hand chains have none of the opulence and glamour of an Indian hath pancha. For me the original is far superior.


©EyeSpyBeauty 2012. All rights reserved.

What do you think? Weird or wonderfully stylish?