Having switched up my skincare routine over the last 2 years, my skin is now better than ever. Now is the time for me to experiment with sheer foundation and even, yes, BB cream.

My problem has always been finding a BB cream/ tinted moisturiser with the right undertone & shade with formula that isn’t too heavy. I have tried Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser (too thick, too yellow), the old style Sleek BB cream (medium was too light, dark was too dark – I have yet to try their newer BB cream with wider shade range), Garnier (too light), Gosh (too heavy), Body Shop All-in-one (too much oxidation, I looked like I’d been tangoed)… the list goes on.

Recently someone from Kevin James Bennett’s In My Kit Facebook Group recommended I try Smashbox and Missha. Missha is on order, but here’s how I got on with Smashbox.

It’s a bit pricey at £27 for 30ml so I wanted to try it out before buying I chose the travel size Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream (£12.50 for 15ml – still quite expensive for what you get). My shade is Light/ Medium but in the summer I reckon I’ll creep into Medium territory.


I also wanted to try the Halo powder so the Smashbox make-up artist recommended the Try It kit. This comes with the Halo Powder (0.25 oz – full size is 0.67oz/ 19g for £39), mini kabuki brush, trial size primer, and the 15ml BB Cream.


The cream initially looks heavy straight out of the tube but once blended feels light and more like a moisturiser. Here’s how it looks neat and blended.

I decided to trial it properly the following morning. I primed with the Photoready Primer, then popped a small amount of BB Cream on each cheek, nose, forehead, chin and just blended with my (clean) fingers. The effect was light coverage and a lightweight feel, and a teeny bit of shine. I thought it was a good opportunity to try the Halo powder to set the BB cream, so I ground a little powder in pot and buffed it well into my skin. I was really impressed with the overall finish. I quite liked it, having really not expected to.


I really loved the natural but softened finish. It gives me confidence to lay off the heavier make-up most days and I’m really loving it.

The downside is that it’s not cheap. At £27 for the full size BB Cream and a whopping £39 for the Halo powder, it’s more expensive than any of my other personal foundations/ powders. I’ll keep using it daily but will have to decide whether I love it enough to repurchase at the full price.

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