I feel like all of my skincare favourites have literally run out at the same time! So here’s why I love them or loathe them and whether I’ll be repurchasing.


I’ve been using the Body Shop’s Drops of Light Serum for just over a year now (see full review here) and it is definitely one of my skincare staples. Why? For me it’s a quick and easy way to introduce hyaluronic acid (HA) into my skincare regime. HA is a molecule that is naturally occurring in the skin and it’s purpose is to hold on to water molecules. As the water molecules are retained in the skin, it improves the skins moisture and plumpness over time, giving an overall more youthful appearance. Along with the added benefits of red algae and aloe, it soothes the skin and contributes to maintaining skins moisture levels. This is one product that I will repurchase again and again, though after a year, I am still only just finished my second bottle.



La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Duo is another one of my skincare staples. I’ve been using it since 2013 and it really has changed my skin completely. After just a month of using this, back in 2013, my skin had been the clearest it had been in 7 years. Four years on now, and my skin is even clearer. My acne is now a thing of the past, with only the very occasional flare up, say once every 3-4 months I may get a single lowly spot.



Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief is the newest addition to my skincare routine, and has firmly pushed Dramatically Different off my dressing table! Full of antioxidants, hyalouronic acid, and skin repairing ingredients, it hydrates and repairs skin. It’s not just for dry or very dry skin. Anyone with combination skin, noral or dry skin would do well with this moisturiser. Check out my full review here.


I love a refreshing face mist both in the summer and all year round.  I’ve had this one so long that it’s the old style packaging from the Body Shop. Basically this is rosewater mixed with various preservatives and a splash of Vitamin E for good measure. It’s refreshing and hydrating, but to be honest, it’s my third or fourth choice face mist. My number one is cosmetic grade pure rosewater (under £4 for 500ml), which I’ve decanted into a spray bottle. The Vitamin E spray (£10) boasts Vitamin E benefits but to be honest a quick spritz here and there won’t be enough to really give you the full gamut of Vitamin E benefits. The best way to benefit is to apply a Vitamin E oil or increase the amount of vitamin-E rich foods you eat. Now that I have more knowledge and experience with skincare, I wouldn’t repurchase this, though I was keen to use up what I had.


L’Occitane Lavande Hand Cream, 75ml £15

A really rich hand moisturiser with an intense lavender scent. Regular readers will know my struggles with dry hands especially in the winter time. I get dry, cracked skin on my hands if I don’t moisturise intensively when seasons change.The fragrance really was overpowering. Overall verdict. Love the cream, hate the scent.


That’s all for my May empties. Have you tried any of these? Liked, loved, hated? Hit me up in the comments, or on Twitter.