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As a pro make-up artist & session stylist I do get access to some pretty cool pro products. Some of my favourites are also some of the simpler and cheaper brands.  Here’s where the Strictly Professional Deep Cleansing Mask comes in.


| 100ml | Active ingredients: Kaolin and zinc oxide |

Sales blurb: A deep cleansing mask based on kaolin, witch hazel and zinc oxide. This excellent formulation gently removes impurities, dries quickly and leaves the skin feeling fresh after use. (From Capital Hair & Beauty)

It’s easy to apply, you just smooth on an even layer to your face and neck. A masque brush helps but I generally just use my fingers. Leave for 10-15 minutes then remove gently with warm water, finishing off with a splash of cold water to close the pores again.

After patting skin dry, my skin feels hydrated, soothed and really really soft. The zinc oxide really helps my skin repair itself and gives the boost of minerals needed to keep my skin healthy. I use this mask once a week during the winter months and once a month in summer. Over time the effects really start to show.

I buy mine from Capital Hair & Beauty as it’s my local pro hair & beauty store here in Bristol. This mask stands up well against much more expensive department store masks. With skincare I really believe that simpler is better.

It is a pro product and so you won’t be able to buy yourself (unless you’re a beauty professional) but if your local beauty salon offers these simple but effective facials using Strictly Professional masks, it’s definitely worth a visit.