Glamglow is a luxury skincare brand that consumers and pros rave about. I resisted the hype in 2013 when they first appeared everywhere. After hearing so many positive stories I gave in and bought a sampler pack.

I started with the Supermud, which is the deep cleansing skin clearing mask. The claims from Glamglow set the bar high.

Sales blurb…SUPERMUD is the world’s most scientifically advanced mud clearing treatment, created to help fight all common skin concerns…

Visible pores?
Problem skin?
Black and white heads?
Razor burns?
In-grown hair?
SUPERMUD is the Solution….

This amazing detoxifying mud mask is fantastic for fighting all common skin concerns – it helps with the brightening and evening of the complexion; creates a more youthful and smooth skin tone; improves elastin and collagen; de-clogs and minimises pore size and fights unwanted breakouts, by reducing redness and super-speeding the healing process.

Honestly I can’t comment on all of their claims but it does sound like a miracle worker. I can however vouch for its claims to reduce ‘unwanted breakouts’ (are there any breakouts that are wanted? Seriously) and reducing redness.It contains AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) which furrow deep into pores and loosen trapped dirt, therefore cleansing blocked pores and preventing spots. I would have to use it mote regularly to be able to comment on effectiveness of elastin and collagen.

Such radical skincare benefits do come with a price tag. It costs £44.99 for 30ml/ 34g which is approximately 14-15 full face treatments. It seems expensive but actually cost per use comes to roughly £3 per use, which isn’t much more than the single treatment face mask sachets found in most drugstores.
I like this mask a lot. I use it once a week alongside my regular skincare routine and it’s really boosting my skin. It can be used as an all-over mask or a spot treatment.

Price-wise I lucked out and bought the triple pack deal for £50, comprising a full size Thirsty Mud (50g) and gift size (15g) Supermud and Youth Mud.