Dolce Gabbana’s The One has been my signature daytime (and evening) fragrance for almost a decade. I like deep, sensuous fragrances for night but keep it light and fresh in the daytime. I still love The One but after 9 years I needed a change…

I spent most of Christmas working on perfume counters, matching the latest perfumes to women’s personalities… could I do it for myself?

Having not been on a date in 6 years, my date night perfumes Tom Ford Black Orchid and Dior Addict were just sat in my cupboard. So for the past year I’ve been rocking my date night perfumes day and night while I worked out which of the newer fragrances was more me.

Here’s the tried & tested list.

  • Paco Rabanne, Lady Million – love the scent, hate the bottle
  • Marc Jacobs, Daisy Dream – nice light scent but a bit sporty/ springtime fresh for all year round
  • Marc Jacobs, Divine Decadence – spicy but a teeny bit too ‘Poison’ for me
  • Dior, Miss Dior – too sweet
  • Viktor & Rolf, Flowerbomb – too sugary floral
  • Dior, J’Adore – not spicy enough


The short list

  • Jean Paul Gaultier, Classique
  • Michael Kors, Wanderlust
  • Michael Kors, Sexy Amber
  • Paco Rabanne, Olympea


The winner

Here’s what I settled on, Paco Rabane Olympea Intense.

When I purchased the 100ml Olympea Intense there was a special offer at Boots, and I received a small handbag sized bottle of the original Olympea fragrance. Always nice to get a handbag sized bonus.

Five months on, I still like Olympea Intense and the original Olympea too but neither feel ‘me’ enough to be my signature scent. So for now, my search continues…

Any recommendations? Hit me up on the socials with woody, musky, lingering perfume suggestions.

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