Q: I have heard that to make make-up last longer you can spray hairspray on your face to ‘fix it’. Does this work?

A: It might do, but please don’t try it. Hairspray is not meant for the face area and will be too harsh on your skin. It can cause skin irritation and flaking/ dryness of the skin.

A better alternative is to use a fixing spray. There is a spray to suit most skin types and budgets. The most popular fixing sprays are MAC Fix+ (RRP £7 for 30ml, £12.50 for 100ml), Urban Decay All-nighter (RRP £19 for 118ml).

My personal favourite is the Urban Decay All-Nighter*, I use it on myself day-to-day and it keeps me looking fresh all day at work. The mist is very light but very powerful and keeps colour from dulling/ fading during the day, as well as preventing caking/ flaking of foundation and really does minimise face shine. It is a bit more expensive than MAC Fix+ but you only need 2-3 quick sprays on the face, and so one bottle lasts a long time.

*Note: The Urban Decay fixing sprays use the Skindinavia formula, and this is clearly stated on the back of the label.


Other good sprays I have tried include:

Urban Decay Deslick – RRP £19 for 118ml – better for oily skin types
Urban Decay Dew Me – RRP £19 for 118ml – better for dry skin types
Model In A Bottle – RRP £16.99
Collection 2000 Fix Me Up spray (review here) £3.99 for 18ml (£22.22 per 100ml)
Makeup Forever Mist & Fix – RRP £8.50 for 25ml, £18.50 for 125ml,– not widely available in UK but can be purchased from Guru Makeup Emporium. Otherwise Makeup Forever products are available in Europe and US from Sephora.

Skindinavia have a vast range for different skin types, but I have yet to try them (other than the sprays they make for Urban Decay) but Wayne Goss (Twitter: @gossmakeupartis) raves about Skindinavia setting sprays. If you have tried them and want to share your thoughts on them, please do.

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