Hearts have been beating a little faster since the story of the rumoured new UK Sephora store broke three days ago (here’s the Cosmo article). If true, it will be welcome news for London-based beauty kings and queens. Having a local Sephora store at Westfield Stratford City will give more direct access to a whole plethora of US (and global) brands that we otherwise struggle to buy in the UK.

Not since Sephora announced UK shipping was the beauty world so excited. While UK shipping from US was a very welcome step forward, there are downsides – shipping charges, import tax, and my personal bug bear ‘item not available outside of US‘.

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed an error in Cosmo’s reporting.

… Sephora may well be opening up their first ever UK store

First ever UK store? Erm, nope. It seems Cosmo has forgotten that the UK used to have a whole chain of Sephora stores, yes, a total of 9 stores. These were located all across the UK, including at the colossal Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, until 2005 when rising rents across the UK priced them out of the retail market.

Sephora’s UK presence in the early noughties was, of course, well before beauty blogging and vlogging had taken off to become the mega-influencer it is now.  Sephora is pretty much beauty bloggers idea of heaven, and that created a huge surge in demand amongst the consumers that they influence.

Here’s hoping that the rumour is true, and that Sephora make it last second time around.