9-to-5 work wear doesn’t need to be boring. I am a big believer in colourful work wear as I feel it brightens the office and lifts the mood of the people you meet. A lot of people at work have commented positively on my colourful wardrobe saying just that. So how do you choose statement colourful pieces?

Secret stylista

Although I called this ‘the dress drop’ I snuck in an awesome blue pair of trousers for good measure. The factors I run through in my head when choosing workwear are comfort, clean lines, colour, quality of material, and a bold print where possible.

That said, if a dress has pockets, OMG, I’m there for it.



So what should you consider?

I don’t like following fashion ‘rules’ as I find it too restricting. You can always find amazing pieces that break the ‘rules’ but just work on you anyway. I’d rather help you with different consideration points that help you decide what works for you and your personality. Here are the things that I consider when shopping for new outfits or pieces.

  • Pastels v brights: colourful doesn’t have to mean bold and bright. I like bold and bright, as that suits my skintone. It wont suit all. So if pastels are your thing, rock it, and bring in colour with pastel shades.
  • Print v block colour: I love a print piece, whether it is a bold print a ditsy small print, geometric, henna detail print, whatever the print, it adds interest to an otherwise plain outfit. That said, a good print is hard to find, and so my regular work wear tends to be block colour as it’s easier for me to throw on without a second thought. I tend to throw together my block colour outfits but will happily design an outfit around a single statement print. Do what works for you.
  • Contrast v complementary: Do you prefer contrasting colours or more subtle complementary colours? My preference is contrasting colours as I find it’s easier for me to make a statement with contrasting block colours. Black or white against any other colour. Blue against yellow. Taupe against blue. Red against black. White against green. Easy options, right? Choosing complementary colours for effortless style is harder than it looks. The key is to match similar colours or shades to give an ‘I just threw this together’ look. Take a few minutes to pull together outfits in a similar colour palette but not necessarily matching. The overall effect will be more subtle but effortlessly stylish looking.
  • Layering v solo: As a slightly overweight woman in my mid-thirties, I am careful with layering. Layering is not a no-no by any means, you just need to use thinner layers to avoid adding bulk. Chiffon layers are great for this. I also like layering for added modesty/ coverage over my chest area. That’s why I love the mustard dress above so much. I’d pair it with matte Lycra leggings or a combed cotton leggings – avoid cheap cotton leggings as it will look too casual against the clean lines of the dress.

Now that I’ve given you some food for thought when outfit shopping, let me know whether it helps you. I’d love to know. Do you plan your outfits for the work week? How do you put your outfits together? What are your tried and tested go-to outfits? Hit me up on the socials.

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