Saree gowns have been having a bit of a moment lately. I’ve seen them around for years on stars such as Shilpa Shetty, whose wedding reception dress was a gorgeous saree gown.
shilpa sheety reception gown
Designer Tarun Tahiliani, who designed this stunner, has been rocking them for years in his trademark fusion collections.

The first I really took notice of them and started coveting them, was in 2013 when BBC radio presenter Noreen Khan wore one at a September event/ party she was hosting. Now, Noreen is a lovely chick, but she does love selfies. She’s got a good figure and never turns down an opportunity to show her amazing array of stunning designer outfits for various events. Not that I mind, she has good taste.

 Noreen 14 Sep 2013

This blue one was the first in her ‘series’ of saree gowns, and since then, she’s been seen out in saree gowns more and more. Her images really show how you can take a catwalk look and rock it for everyday Asian parties.

My favourite from Noreen’s collection is this purple one. I have a bit of a thing for jewel tones and I’m a sucker for purple or magenta. I just love it.

Noreen 10 Oct 2013I can see myself wearing these easy-on zip-up lycra saree gowns for posh work parties… errrm… once I get my pre-baby figure back that is.

They are a great example of East-meets-West fusion couture. And therein lies my problem. Couture. These saree  dresses will set you back anything from £500 to £1000… ouch! Not even high-flying city execs like me can indulge. I’ll keep dreaming.

Here are a few of my 2013 saree gown favourites for you to ponder over… what do you think about saree gowns? Fashion’s fleeting moment, or new star?

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