Price: $80
Weight/ volume: not confirmed
Shades: 10 shades in each palette (review is for Medium – Dark palette)
My shade: Almond Beige
Features: cream to powder foundation palette
Purchased/ sample: purchased

***Disclosure: Although this was purchased with my own money, I am now an official distributor for Sacha Cosmetics in the UK. All reviews remain impartial and weigh up the pros and cons as I find them***


Sales blurb:
A 10-piece light weight palette that comes in light-to-medium and medium-to-deep sets. SACHA’s Cream-to-Powder foundations transform from an easy-to-apply cream to a micro-fine powder upon application to enhance your natural beauty. This light-weight formula provides medium coverage with natural sun protection. Recommended for normal/ oily/ combination skin types.

+ Great shade range for medium to dark tones. Sacha do carry lighter shades in the light to medium palette. I find that the lightest shades are a little too yellow for very fair caucasian skin. This can easily be remedied by applying a small amount of dark peach or orange colour corrector underneath foundation.

+ Highly pigmented so a little goes a long way. Either apply with a damp sponge or damp foundation brush. If using a brush, use the smallest brush you can get away with. That way you’ll apply sparingly and only where you need it, for a more natural skin finish. I tend to use my Real Techniques setting brush with this foundation.

+Longwear of up to 18 hours. This was tried and tested by me and it really lasted beautifully all day and late into the night.

+Natural SPF due to Titanium Dioxide. Usually I hate Titanium Dioxide in foundation as you often get an awful ghostly pale flashback effect. Oddly enough there is no flashback with this foundation. Here are a few pictures to prove it.


Price vs quantity is an issue. RRP is $80 (circa £51) and it’s not full sizes of each shade. If buying a single shade, you pay $30 (circa £20) for 10.7g/ 0.37oz (full size).

Yay or nay 
If you’re a pro make-up artist working on women of colour regularly, then this palette (medium to dark) is definitely worth buying. Sacha Cosmetics also offer a 20% pro discount upon application.

If you’re a regular make-up wearer then buy a sampler pack to determine your shade. Once you know your shade, I recommend that you buy the $30 full size cream to powder foundation. You won’t get enough usage out of all the shades in the palette and there is a smaller volume of each shade in the palette compared to the full size foundation.

If you want more shades for contouring & highlighting, then keep an eye out for my forthcoming review of the Sacha Cosmetics contouring palettes.

For more Sacha products, and their bestselling Buttercup Powder, click the affiliate link below. Please note that I receive commission on purchases made via the link below.

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