NYX have fast become my favourite budget makeup brand. Their HD Studio range is of a quality comparable to more expensive brands like Smashbox. They’re pretty innovative too. This is their HD Studio Grinding Powder.
What’s grinding powder? Well it’s a solid foundation block with a grinder in the pot.

Price: £21
Weight/ volume: 17g
Shades: 6
My shade: 03 Sand Beige
Features: Solid foundation powder block with built-in grinder
Purchased/ sample: purchased

Sales blurb:
This revolutionary compact allows you to grind just enough mineral-enriched powder for one flawless application. The result is a finely-milled, high-definition face powder that, once applied, deflects light, reduces the appearance of pores and smooths your complexion—making you camera-ready in no time. The rest of your product remains fresh and uncontaminated.

+ Hygienic Every time you need powder, just grind the amount you need. Sounds perfect, right? Nice and hygienic. And regular readers will know how much of a hygiene freak I am.

+ Economical as you only grind the amount you need. No spills, no wastage.

+ Finely milled face powder that blends beautifully.


Limited shade range but is great for medium to dark skintones. Poor when it comes to fair or ebony skin.

Yay or nay
Yay! Hygienic, convenient, economical, finely milled, sturdy packaging… it’s just perfect for me! It’s also talc-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.

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