Price: £7.25
Weight/ volume: 3ml
Shades: 11
My shades: Autumn Smoulder (berry red), Deadly Berry (deep purple), Moonlight Mist (midnight blue), Willow Whisper (natural/ taupe)
Features: cream eye colour
Purchased/ sample: purchased (at available price of £2.13 each i.e. £2 off and then 50% Groupon discount)

[Midnight Mist, Deadly Berry,
Autumn Smoulder, Willow Whisper]

Sales blurb:
High performance, ultra long-stay rich colour eye defining cream in 8 [now 11] opulent shades to add an on-trend splash of colour to your look this season. Use alone for colour blocking or blend multiple shades together for ultimate impact.

+ Blendable. These cream eyeshadows blend well and sit nicely on the skin to give a soft wash of colour over the lid. You can build up the colour in layers for a more intense look.

+ Not as shimmery on skin as they are in the pot. This makes them more wearable, but the beige/ taupe/ neutrals are more shimmery than the deep colours.

+ Easily removed without strong eye makeup remover. I remove ALL traces of colour from both lids with a single baby wipe.

+ Double-duty. These can double up as eye-liner but use a fine liner brush and wait for colour to dry fully for best effect. Drying time is much longer than gel liners.

Very creamy/ dewy. These are more liquidy than the MAC, Bobbi Brown, L’Oréal and Elf equivalents. They go on more like paint and you need to let it dry fully to avoid creasing and smudgeing.

Fiddly application for intense block colour. For block colour, you need to apply a layer, let it dry and then blend out the edges. If you try and blend out while wet, you’ll blend away too much of the colour.

Messy blending 2 colours. While I agree with the company’s claim that you can “blend multiple shades together for ultimate impact”, it’s too much effort. As the colour is so dewy and paint-like, you need to let the first colour dry fully before adding the second colour. Once they’re both dry you can blend them together with a clean brush. Once it’s dry it looks good but you can get the same effect with the L’Oréal colour pots with much less effort and no watching paint dry.

Yay or nay
Good value if buying as part if a deal or discounted. I wouldn’t pay £7.25 for them, as the Elf eye liner pots are much better quality at lower price.