As a make-up artist working in fashion, music, editorial, and bridal, I am always looking for ways to condense my kit, particularly my lipsticks. I have de-potted them into various mini palettes or larger pill boxes but hate having to sacrifice size for quantity. Enter Maqpro.

Their petite lipstick palettes pack an impressive 30ml (approx. 1 oz) in total. This compares to 0.75oz in a standard Crownbrush 32 lip palette. Obviously you get more shade choices in the 32 palette but I’m just trying to compare relative size here. The Maqpro Petite lip palettes fit into your pocket (you’d probably get it in your jean pocket unless you’re wearing tight jeans) rather than needing to lay flat. This makes it perfect for throwing into my travel kit or for use on a location shoot where I’ll be prepping and touching up on the go.

So, we’ve established that size matters. Now onto the shades themselves. I have the R13 palette that includes shades 216, 218, 263, 249, GL2, 257, 256, 2157, 262, 261.

The GL2 shade is a gloss, which I didn’t pay much attention to when I bought this online. To be honest, I don’t really like the gloss. It’s very sticky and gunky and I prefer to use a lipstick with my desired clear or shimmery gloss over the top. The other shades however are really great. They’re well-pigmented and a good selection covering essential red/ pink/ coral/ peach shades. This is a good palette for most shoots really as it gives a good selection of colours for everyday use.

The other palettes available on Love Make-Up in the UK are R01 (similar to R13 but with more nudes and beiges) and R23 (which has a lilac, a blue, and deeper shades). I will probably be picking the other 2 palettes up at some point as they would then give me a complete lip kit in pocket-size.

For pro make-up artists, I cannot recommend these mini lip palettes enough. In my opinion, other than the Kryolan mini-lip palette, this is one of the best on the market.