Price: £10.99
Weight/ volume: 11ml
Shades: 1
My shade: black
Features: double-brush 2-in-1 (literally)
Purchased/ sample: purchased


Sales blurb:
Killer volume! No clumps guaranteed!

The new Volumizer mascara works in just 2 steps to build up to 11 x more volume, clump-free. Its secret? An Innovative Transformable Brush

Choose the volume that suits best your style or the occasion:
– Use Step 1 for extremely defined lashes with 2 x more volume, perfect for the day or if you want to focus on your lips.
– Use Step 1 2 for dramatic lashes with up to 11 x more volume with no clumps, perfect if you want the ultimate show-stopping eyes.

How does it work:
Step 1 – the lightly loaded brush gives you a defined volume and prepares lashes for a second stroke without clogging
Step 2 – the fully loaded brush will coat your lashes to boost and build maximum volume with no clumps. Its formula builds instant volume to lashes and can be applied layer upon layer without clogging, boosting volume with every stroke. 


+ less bulky than other 2-1 mascaras.

+Holds the curl beautifully if using the first wand alone. When I used second wand for coats 2-3, the curl was lost.

+ thickens lashes with the 2-step application process.


photo: Top – bare, middle/ bottom – with Volumizer mascara

first wand stick too fragile. I have naturally thick lashes and while the first wand separates lashes nicely, I need a good press & wiggle to coat my lashes. Applying the same pressure as normal had the wand bending all over the place resulting in smudging.

very thin and runny. It took ages for the first coat to dry and the second was too runny to leave a nice, smooth coat on the lashes.They did look fuller but unnaturally so because of the clumps. Once I had combed out the clumps it looked better.

Yay or nay
Yay if you’re patient enough to wait for each coat to dry. It’s best to just use the first wand in step 1, or to follow step 1 and 2, but finish with a coat with wand 1 again to smooth out clumps.

Nay if, like me, you want your mascara quick and easy. L’Oreal 4D still reigns supreme in that respect.

My advice? Just use the first wand for lengthening/ separating lashes. If you want thickening, just use second wand. Using both looks clumpy and unnatural.