Well hello there, what do we have here? I wasn’t looking for a new mascara, but this unusually shaped new mascara from Bourjois caught my eye. image

Price: £9.49
Weight/ volume: 9ml
Shades: 1
My shade: 21 Fantastic Black
Features: mascara with a fan-wand for separation of lashes. Coats and combs lashes in one step.
Purchased/ sample: Purchased (Superdrug buy one Bourjois product, get another half-price)


Sales blurb:

Bourjois’ NEW innovative mascara with a fan shaped brush has all the answers for bigger-looking FAN-tastic eyes! Its fine, long and cone-shaped bristles capture and coat every lash in one stroke for a fully ‘fanned out’ volumising effect from the inner to the outer corners of the eye. Enriched with silk extract its “Fan-tastic” intense black and ultra volumising formula makes it easy to glide onto the lashes. It can be applied layer upon layer without any clumps, leaving lashes feeling smooth, intensely black and FAN-tasticly volumised!

+ Easy to apply without getting mascara on eyelids. The fan-comb shape means that you can be more precise with your applciation.

+ Lashes do look thicker and longer with fewer coats of mascara (the picture below is one coat).

+ Lashes are separated without the need for combing lashes with lash comb.

+ Paraben-free and suitable for those with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.

+ Easily removed without the need for heavy rubbing. A few light press + wipe actions with cream cleanser and a cotton pad was all it took to remove all traces of mascara.

Price is a bit steep for an everyday mascara. You are paying a premium for the shape.

One colour only, which is fine if you only wear black mascara, but for daytime, a lot of fair haired ladies would prefer brown mascara. Whenever a new mascara is launched, I would expect it to be available in black and brown.

Lilac packaging makes is look a little cheap. It gives it a real ‘budget’ look. Some of the recent Bourjois mascaras have disappointed me with the cheap packaging. Another couple that look cheap are the Bourjois Volumizer and Bourjois Beauty’Full Volume mascaras with their black and pink packaging. Pricey mascara that looks cheap, I’m not keen on it.


Yay or nay
Yay! For me the ease of use was the deciding factor. Coat and comb in one step, without clumps. The formula itself is really good, one coat is all it took in the picture above. This is probably going to be my new handbag mascara; but for travel, I’ll still be using Benefit They’re Real mascara, purely because I have the mini version that fits neatly into my travel makeup bag.

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