A few months ago I shared some published work with you from Art of Portrait magazine and Elegant Magazine from a three-model shoot I worked on back in September. I had traveled to Regents Park for a blogger day trip sponsored by Sn-ap Travel. I blogged and vlogged the journey there and back, but had no influencer responsibilities during the day. Perfect time for a photo shoot? Yep.

I had arranged to meet 3 models, initially at staggered times for solo portrait and fashion shoots. Travel plans had delayed two of the models, so we ended up shooting some solos and some group shots which ended up being more fun. As the models warmed up and became more settled into the shoot, they were just vibing off each other.

Simona Eidukeviciute

Joanne Dormon

Paige Stone


Shortly after the shoot, Simona (one of my fab models and also an amazing photographer) then met up with Paige for another shoot, and the results from that are fantastic. [I’ll try to find a link for you guys to see!]

Here are the links to the published tear sheets!