Want the stain to last up to 10H? Here’s how I do it.
(I’ve only managed 9H so far but pretty close).

My top tips for achieving longevity

1. Let any lip balm absorb properly before applying. Don’t pile on the lip balm or it’ll stay gunky. Best way is to apply small amounts and stop when your lips are no longer dry to the touch.

2. Use waxy lip line fixer around edge of lips to prevent feathering/ colour bleeding.

3. Layer it. Apply a thin layer of the Stain Gloss all over the lip, and wait 30s for it to dry (don’t press lips together). Apply 2nd layer (thicker) and allow to dry fully before eating/ drinking anything.


On my way home at around 6pm, after wearing it since 9am without touch-ups.

I like my colour to be really vibrant,so I apply 3 layers.

This gave me much longer lasting colour 8-9 hours. I’ve not quite managed 10H yet but 9 hours is pretty good going.

Try it and let me know how you get on.