In the summer heat, there’s nothing I like better than a light, fresh finish to my skin… well, actually, how about a fresh finish that lasts all day… 7am to 1am…

… what’s my secret? Come a little closer. Closer. Closer still… woah, that’s too close.

I’ve recently converted to applying my make-up with eggs. Damp eggs.

No I’ve not gone completely mad. I mean, using a Beauty Blender or other egg-shaped make-up sponges. I dampen the aforementioned egg-shaped sponge with setting spray and then apply my foundation with it. Then apply foundation using press & roll method or just bounce it over the skin, to apply and set foundation in one step. I do the same for my cream blusher. Spray with setting spray then apply using egg-sponge.

Leave as-is for a dewy look, or dust lightly with setting powder for a matte look. Either way, it’ll look great all day.