Greasy roots. Not attractive. But sometimes you really don’t have time to wash hair before heading out. Fair enough. It happens to everyone. We can’t be glam every day! Or can we?


Here’s how I make sure my hair goes from greasy to awesome in just 3 minutes.

Tools: baby powder, 2 hair elastics, 3-4 kirby grips, hairspray, bristle hair brush.

1. Rub baby powder well into roots, massaging well until white powder is no longer visible (1-2 mins).

2. Brush hair into high ponytail at crown or top of the head. Secure with strong non-slip elastic.

3. Lift medium section of hair (1-inch wide) from ponytail, and backcomb down to base of ponytail. (5 secs).

4. Repeat backcombing sections 4-5 times until ponytail is all backcombed. (total 20-25 seconds)

5. Sweep hair into a loose top bun, shaping as you go round. Use a second hair elastic and tie around the base of the bun, tucking in ends as you go. (10 secs)

6. Pin any strays and spray with hairspray. Brush over strays from hairline to ponytail base to neaten up. (20 secs)

You’re done! Try it and time it to prove to yourself that your hair can look great in just 3 minutes.

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