Purity Organic Skincare – product review

I have dry/ combination skin which is prone to breakouts. Most anti-blemish products are too harsh and leave my skin feeling a little ‘stripped’, so I’m always keen to try brands with fewer chemicals. Enter Purity Organic Skincare.

Recently I was sent a large bundle of (full size) products for consideration by the team at Purity Organic Skincare. The samples were given free of charge. This blog is, however my own opinion and is not influenced by the company or their PR. In turn, I hope that the team at Purity will appreciate my honest review of the pros and cons of the products as I experienced them.

On with the review…

The benefits of skincare products take time to really take effect. Unlike makeup, you cannot assess the quality of a product upon first use. So I committed myself to a 2 week trial.


Products tested:
Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser 50ml £7.99
Facial Wash 150ml £5.29
Facial Exfoliator/ Deep Pore Cleanser 100ml £5.99
Conditioning Cleaning Lotion 150 ml £4.99
Anti-aging Serum & Mask 50ml £8.99
Anti-aging Moisturiser 50ml £7.99

Day one: My regular face wash (Neutrogena 2-in-1 mask/ wash) with Purity Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser.

As with all Purity products, the cream is fragrance-free. This is definitely a good thing (fewer chemicals) but it does mean it smells a bit on application. The smell does fade pretty quickly though.

The Overnight Moisturiser is a very solid, thick cream. How thick? Tip it upside down and it won’t move. The directions say “apply liberally” but because it’s so thick, a little goes a long way.

The active ingredients are Ceramide 3 & Vitamin E. Ceramide 3 reinforces the moisture barrier and gives it emollient-like properties. Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant.

The cream feels like an emollient but it’s absorbed faster. Before it’s absorbed, it does feel very heavy and I can’t help worrying it’ll clog my pores. I thought ‘we’ll see in the morning – nose strip time!’

6 hours later…

It passed the nose strip test – no clogs! Before applying the previous night I noticed dry patches just above my cheekbones and in the hollow of my cheeks. In the morning these areas were nicely hydrated but my skin did feel a little greasy, and uncomfortably so. I decided to use occasionally rather than daily.

I used it again a few days later on a particularly ‘dry skin’ day, applying lightly over the skin and adding more on extra dry spots. In the morning my skin felt amazing! And still very clean. I washed off residue (with water only) and didn’t then need to apply any day cream. I was hydrated but had none of the greasyness of the first day. I concluded that the night cream is best used sparingly, adding more product where needed. Now I use it every few days, on ‘dry days’ and it has replaced my previous night cream. Thumbs up!

I also use it on extra dry areas like my crusty elbows. They’re now smooth as a babys bottom. Really.

+ great on extra dry skin
too greasy for my skin every day.
» suits sensitive skin or extra dry skin

Day Two (evening): started using Face Wash daily (except mornings after using night cream as no need)

The dispenser seems a little odd at first. You push a button and dispenser pops up. Then you squeeze bottle for product.

It’s really secure, so good for travelling. No lid to worry about coming loose in bag. No fuss with trying to get the last dregs out of a pump tube either. Be careful not to squeeze too hard though as, again a little goes a long way.

All traces of sebum/ grease were cleansed in one light wash. My skin felt hydrated and the dry patches were improved but still visible.
This product is best used with the Purity day cream and isn’t really a stand-alone product. I like to switch up my moisturiser (I rotate 3 of varying thickness) depending on how my skin feels on any given day.

+ gentle
– not hydrating enough on its own
» good for oily skin

Day three: added Anti-aging Moisturiser to my regime.

This is thick for a day cream and feels greasy, even in small amounts. The smell is better than the other products as it has almond oil as an active ingredient. It took a while (7-8 mins) for my skin to absorb it, and still left a slight film on my skin. I couldn’t put makeup directly over it without it slipping but a primer on top made my skin feel too heavy. I wasn’t too keen on this cream, as I like my day cream to be light. If you have very dry skin then this is definitely worth trying.

+ smells subtle, natural almond smell
– too thick for day, poor base for makeup or primer
» best for extra dry skin or as a night cream

Day four: Experimented with some new eye shadows, using Conditioning Cleansing Lotion to clean eyes in between looks.

Usually when I have a mammoth eye shadow testing session, my eyes get sore from the quick cleansing in between looks. This is particularly a problem when using longwear cream shadows or pigments with mixing liquid… Not tonight! I was really surprised and super-happy that the cleanser glid over lids removing ALL traces of pretty tough cream shadow in two sweeps without rubbing. It’s as good as my (previous) fave eye makeup remover, Urban Decay Meltdown, but at a much lower price. This is definitely going to be a regular on my dressing table. Awesome!

+ gentle yet effective at removing tough eye makeup
– no cons!
» great on stubborn or long wear eye makeup or longwear lip colour

Day five: exfoliation day! I don’t exfoliate daily as most scrubs are too harsh (even those that say ‘suitable for daily use’), every 2-3 days is usually enough. I exfoliate twice a week and so on day five I used the Purity Facial Exfoliator.

Firstly, although the granules are larger than I like, they are softer than most other brands. I didn’t experience any irritation. This may also be because the cleanser part is so creamy. You get gentle exfoliation with a hydrating cleanser.

After use my skin felt soft and smooth but this feeling didn’t last long. The granules didn’t exfoliate well enough for me. Having said that, I’m used to exfoliating with a cream cleanser and hot wet muslin cloth. Nothing else gives me the same level of exfoliation. In short, this is very good as far as exfoliating scrubs go. It doesn’t work for me but I would definitely recommend it to daily exfoliator fans.

+ gentle granules
– not effective enough for me, can’t beat my regular exfoliation products (Liz Earle Hot Cleanse & Polish)
» best for daily exfoliation addicts looking for something gentler

Day seven: After a hard week with the kids, I wanted a luxurious treat. So I pulled out the Anti-aging Serum & Mask and gave myself a mini-spa treatment.

The serum/ mask has a very runny liquid texture. This felt gunky and put me off a little.
It should be applied and washed off as soon as it’s dry or can be left longer for more intense benefits.
Directions state ‘apply a thick layer’ so I did, half worrying that the runny formula would drip off my face and make a mess while drying. I was wrong. It dried very quickly. So quickly, in fact that I went ahead and added another layer. And so to bed.

6 hours later, I washed the mask off to find that my skin left very smooth and pores were definitely tightened. I was really happy with the result at first but only 10-15 minutes later my cheeks started drying out even after using my regular day cream. It was fine after using the heavier Purity day cream.

+ tightens pores effectively
– tightens and dries skin too
» best used for tightening pores esp on oily skin

I’ll definitely be keeping (and repurchasing) the Overnight Moisturiser and Cream Cleanser. I’ll use the Facial Wash and Serum until empty but wouldn’t repurchase myself. I’ll pass on the Exfoliator and Day Cream to a friend, as they’re more suited for daily exfoliators with very dry skin.
All the products are good quality but not all will work with your skin type. I’ve noted above who each product is most suited for as a guide.

If you’ve tried these products, let me know what you thought!