In the face/off series I review two or more similar products in a head to head to see which one comes out on top

Urban Decay All Nighter vs Collection 2000 Fix Me Up


All Nighter: £19 for 118ml (£16.10 per 100ml)
Fix Me Up: £3.99 for 18ml (£22.22 per 100ml)
Leader: All Nighter

Smell/ fragrance
All Nighter: unfragranced, chemical smell, but fades when dry
Fix Me Up: fragranced, not too strong and doesn’t linger. Just makes application more pleasant.
Leader: Fix Me Up

All Nighter: dries within 30s (no fanning)
Fix Me Up: dries within 1min (no fanning), 30s (fanning)
Leader: All Nighter

All Nighter: Lasts over 12H (but there was some makeup slippage).
Fix Me Up: Lasted over 14H (6th Sep 2012) with makeup looking genuinely as fresh as when applied.
Leader: Fix Me Up

All Nighter: white plastic with purple night scene label.
Fix Me Up: black plastic with fluoro-pink text. Looks a bit too disco and cheap.
Leader: All Nighter

All Nighter: Debenhams, House of Fraser
Fix Me Up: Superdrug, Boots, any local chemist and most supermarkets
Leader: Fix Me Up

All Nighter: 24m
Fix Me Up: 24m but due to size would be finished sooner so not an issue
Leader: tie

And the winner is…


… Fix Me Up!

Longevity is the prime factor for fixing sprays, so with each brand coming up top in 3 categories, longevity was the deciding factor.

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