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Party season has drawn to a close for 2016. We often get a little lazy with our skincare when we’re having fun. So how do we over-thirties fix that?


Honestly, no fancy skincare cocktails needed. Keep your skincare routine simple as you get older. Look for a face cream that is light and easily absorbed and a light eye cream or gel formula eye cream.

The best anti-ageing tip is to keep skin hydrated and moisturised. Eat foods that boost your natural collagen production which helps will help skin retain elasticity. Anti-ageing really is from the inside out. Remember, a healthy diet will show through in your skin.

If you need a hydration boost or top-up then using a serum will help retain skins moisture and also help your moisturiser work harder and penetrate deeper into the skin.


Stripping back my skin care to cleanse- serum-moisturise has kept my skin as healthy as it was in my twenties. My secret to anti-ageing skin? Moisture. Moisture. Moisture.