Boom! There it is. Marsala is Pantone colour of 2015.

Hmmm… I’ve never really been sold on the idea of Pantone and others determining each year what colour trend we should be following.

I actually love the shade when used properly. Asian bridal make-up looks have centered around red for years. Here’s a post I wrote about 18 months ago on this tricky trend. Back then, many of the non-Asian bridal specialists were of the opinion that red shouldn’t be worn on eyes (it can make the eyes look tired if used badly).


Every time I see someone blast a make-up artist or client for advocating red eyeshadow, I flash the red Asian bridal eye looks that we’ve been rocking for years. Even after pictorial evidence of how stunning it can look, I still am met with disapproval and mockery… now many are doing a u-turn just because Pantone says so.

I’ll keep rocking red eye looks on myself and clients where it looks good. I don’t follow trends but it’s nice when a trend fits my style. Don’t force your style to fit the trend. Rock what you want. When you want.