Recently I’ve been focusing on expanding my hairstyling and bridal styling portfolio. I like to work hands-free whenever I’m on-set or in prep rooms. When it comes to make-up, a brush belt is an essential for having everything to hand. I find more and more that I am using my brush belt mini pockets to carry hair clips, grips, and safety pins. The only problem with this is that they get stuck in the teeniest of nooks and crannies of my brush belt pockets.

A solution is at hand…

In Sam Villa’s Redken training videos, he is always plugging the Magnetic Bobby Pin Wrist Band from Lorna Evans. It’s a really nice-looking leather cuff with a super strong magnet inside the lining. You can therefore attach your hair pins or safety pins to it to have then right there when you need them on set. Fabulous!

BUT… It’s $60! Add on US P&P and import tax and it’s just too expensive. #sadtimes


Lucky for me (and you), a lovely MUA/ stylist from KJB’s In My Kit Facebook group had an idea…

… You know the magnetic wrist bands that builders use for their screws and nails? Yes, that! Perfect! They’re only a couple of dollars in the US and similar designs can be found in the UK via eBay or Amazon for less than a fiver.

magntic pin band

If you like your gadgets cute and trendy then you can get various magnetic wrist bands from eBay sellers from Asia.

eBay wrist band 1 ebay wrist band 2

I’m not fussed about colour and fabric and so I went with the builders version:
I also picked up this one in Sallys for a fiver while waiting for my Amazon one to arrive.

The best part about the builders versions is that the magnets are pretty heavy duty and hold a much large number of pins, at a fraction of the price of the uber-stylish Lorna Evans cuff. This little gadget is my on-set saviour of the month!

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