The new Diya catalogue arrived at my doorstep on Tuesday and it is full of some fantastic designs. Diya Online have been going from strength to strength with their recent fashion collections.

First up, this is not a sponsored post. I have been a Diya customer for around 7-8 years now and have bought many wedding, party and casual outfits from them. I also buy regularly from Rupali, and Andaaz online, but they haven’t really delivered on the fusion modest wear  and stick mainly to traditional salwar kameeze styles. I have got a pretty big wardrobe of party wear and so over the past year have been moving towards stylish and sophisticated Asian wear without the sparkles and bling. Diya heard my cries and those of countless other Asian fashionistas and rose to the challenge.

DIYA Lookbook 041DIYA Lookbook 042


The January 2015 catalogue was the first to really cater to the demand for modest fashion. The most popular items sold out within a couple of days. They had to recall stock from their 2 stores in order to meet the online orders. The second catalogue featuring modest wear was similarly well received. This is the third season of modest wear and there are just too many items I want. Some are not yet in stock online and I am checking daily because when they come in stock, they will fly off the shelves.


My non-Muslim readers may well think that I am crazy for getting so excited about a dress or two. The reason for my excitement is that up until recently, trying to dress modestly while living in the West was such a difficult goal to achieve. There were no stores that catered to our specific needs. We’re not asking much. A few long sleeved items, looser fit, no low-cut necklines, no see-through material… simple requests really. Now that there is much more availability in modest wear and it is so affordable, we all want to get in on the action and stock up. Fashion and modesty are not mutually exclusive. My clothes make me feel confident.  If I am modestly covered, then I feel more confident and that confidence exudes and is visible in my daily interactions with the big wide world.


With the “Why?” dealt with. Let’s move in to the “What?” Here’s what I ordered this time…


Black red flower abaya style dress

Black & red flower abaya-style dress £24.99
This is a sleeveless full length black tunic with a chiffon floral overlay jacket. I’ll be wearing this with under-sleeves as the chiffon on the arms is partially see-through, but the length and loose fit is perfect.

Office ready churidar

Geometric print churidar. £15.99
This is a stylish churidar kameeze which I love as it’s smart enough to wear in the office.

Here’s the first of the ‘sale’ purchases.

Navy leaf churidar

Navy churidar with leaf print. £17.50 (was £ 21.99)
I love this because the looser outer layer just gives me a bit more coverage without adding bulk. It’s loose enough for me to wear with undersleeves.

What’s life without a little bling? I couldn’t resist these 3 party outfits, all of which were in the sale section, and featured in the Spring/ Summer Lookbook.

Black & gold sequinned churidar

Black & gold sequinned churidar. £23.95 (was £29.99)
This is much longer on me than on the model and so it falls at my shin level, 6-inches or so from my ankle. I’ll be wearing this with black under-sleeves to make it more hijab-friendly.

Teal abaya dress

Teal abaya-style dress. £28.95 (was £59.99)
This is a full length net dress which I’ll be wearing with undersleeves as the sleeves are net. It can be dressed up for weddings with jewellery or worn as it is for party wear.

Red velvet jacket saree

Net saree with red velvet jacket-style blouse. £34.50 (was £55.99)
The saree is quite plain but the blouse is the standout part of the outfit and is worth the £34.50 in itself. I will be wearing this with the net saree lengha-style for parties but it’s not really wedding-wear. I expect I’ll be wearing this blouse with many other sarees and lenghas in my wardrobe.


And here’s my remaining wishlist!

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So what are you waiting for? Get online before the best pieces sell out. Available from