I’ll start by saying that I rarely use makeup primers. I find that the most effective long term solution for long-wearing makeup is getting the skincare right. That’s fine for myself but my clients won’t often be using the right skincare or the most effective skincare. That’s where makeup primers come in as a quick-fix prior to makeup application.

Smashbox are the undisputed primer authority. I’ve used a few of their primers in my kit on and off and now only use the green colour correcting primer and the regular clear primer in my kit. That changed when I tried the new Photo Finish Radiance Primer.

It’s released on the 16th January 2017 but I had a sneak preview last week, courtesy of my friendly neighbourhood Smashbox counter manager (the Smashbox counter is right next to mine!). I’m generally unfazed when a new Smashbox primer is released, as I find that I can get by with just the two aforementioned primers. That changed when I saw this.

To start with, it’s not in a squeezy tube. This primer comes in a jar and looks more like skincare. When you open it, you see that the texture is less of a liquid and more of a mousse-like cream. It is intensely hydrating and has radiance-boosting properties. When applied to the face (over a light moisturiser) it intensifies the hydration and gives a beautiful glow to the skin. This can also be used as a radiant highlighter when lightly patted and blended over the cheekbones for a beautiful, subtle and natural looking highlight.

Full ingredients listing to follow once released, but this skincare-style primer may just be the product that gets me back to using primer myself. Either way, it’s definitely going in my kit.