Welcome to the first nail polish review on EyeSpyBeauty featuring the newest hand model on the block “mini-me” (my 3 year old daughter).


I’ve tried Essie polishes before and have always loved how quick drying they are. I tend to just wear a single coat, and only for weddings or large parties, as I’m always taking it off for prayers/ wudhu. The Essie lacquer is great for me as one coat gives solid, even colour. If you are a regular nail varnish wearer, you’ll want a base coat and top coat for longevity and to minimise chips.

The shade itself, Flawless is a lovely soft pink that works as a neutral nail on fair and darker skin tones. Here it is against my skin tone and my daughters fairer skin.


Available from Boots and Superdrug nationwide. RRP £7.99 for 13.5ml.

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