This series is a quick roundup of what I’ve been watching on the old telly and on demand services this month…

BBC iPlayer

Poldark: My oh my. What a series it’s been!
For the uninitiated… Poldark is a story of soldier returns home after being presumed dead. He leaves home as a bit of an ass, and returns a war hero with principles and morals. He can still be a bit of an ass but he’s all right really. Strong moral compass with a gutsy wife who basically is the star of the show, next to his great-aunt who is a boss. It’s compelling viewing, even though this season has had many scenes where you’re peering nervously through your fingers and shouting ‘No don’t do it!’ every week.

Gut-wrenching at every turn… but now it’s over for another year and as ever, the season feels too short.


Murdered For Being Different: Gut-wrenching in a very different way. It’s a heart-breaking true story of Sophie Lancaster who was brutally beaten and left to die by a gang of fellow teenagers. I first read about Sophie through Illamasqua’s S.O.P.H.I.E. Campaign and ongoing awareness of her case.
I knew the story but still shouted in disbelief and cried in anger as I watched the story play out in the BBC drama. What hit me was that it could have happened to me or any of my alternative & goth friends. It hit too close for comfort.

It’s so important for us to watch and to show our children to ensure that this sort of vile discrimination and attack never happens again.



Suits series 7: The story of the greatest lawyer to not actually be a lawyer. Witty one liners, sharp put-downs, smart take-downs, and Louis Litt. Perfect mix of comedy and drama. That said, it’s now in its seventh series on Netflix  (which lags behind by one series) and the formula is getting a little stale. I’ll persevere with the series but I really hope it picks up soon.

Amazon Prime

Arrow: This is a little guilty pleasure of mine. I’d rate it as a 7/10 but it’s a nice time filler. To be honest, I’m just filling time until The Defenders is on Netflix. 

The best characters are the supporting characters Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Roy Harper and Malcolm Merlyn. I find it problematic that the supporting cast keep me more engaged than the lead. That said, I love the way it is shot. The flashbacks of the Arrow’s past on the island are interwoven beautifully with current events. It gives a real-time understanding into his motivations and experiences.

The crossovers with The Flash are good but after a few series it is feeling a bit stale… am I missing something? Arrow lovers hit me up with your rebuttals!


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