Regular readers of my blog will know of my battle with acne scars. Healing the scars and treating new spots is something I’ve blogged about before (Mario Badescu acne treatment), but no treatment is instant.

So what do you do in the meantime? Leave it to work and go makeup-free? That’s generally what I do… but sometimes you want to cover up.

I’m a working mother of two and so I don’t have hours to get a flawless face, often 5 minutes is all I have.

The right products are important, but application technique is key.
I find that cream products are easier to apply quickly and provide camouflage cover.

Get the look
You’ll need camouflage concealer, a foundation brush, face powder and a powder brush or kabuki. A wide range products are available (my favourites are listed at the bottom of this post).
Today I’ve used all Daniel Sandler products (usually I mix and match) with Real Techniques brushes:
– Camouflage Concealer in shade 6
– Catwalk Compact in shade 6
– On The Loose powder

1. Cleanse and moisturise well. Allow moisturiser to be fully absorbed before applying makeup (15-20 mins or so).

2. Pick up foundation on the foundation brush and apply to skin in swift strokes back and forth. I prefer cheeks » forehead » sides » nose » chin. Start in centre and gently move towards the hairline.

3. Go back over areas of darker skin pigmentation.

4. Now the base is done, work on covering the acne. Add more product and then press onto the skin just over the spots/ scars. Don’t use circular motions as you’ll risk irritating the blemished skin. Also you’ll rub the product all over the cheeks rather than applying just where you want it.

5. I finish with concealing under my eyes. The Real Techniques foundation brush is great for undereyes, as one end is pointed and can really get into the corners. Apply camouflage concealer onto undereyes in swift sweeping motions back and forth.

6. Then add a little more concealer and press into the outer edges of the dark circles.

7. Then using the remaining product on the brush, continue to pat/ press moving down the cheek to blend the undereye concealer seamlessly with the foundation. Stop at the top of the cheekbones.

8. Add a light dusting of power onto the skin by dabbing/ pressing into the skin. Rubbing or sweeping over the skin will upset the creamy foundation underneath.

So… does it work? The proof is in the pudding… here it is, the 3-minute base and cover-up (and a little eyeshadow which took another minute).


My favourite acne cover foundation/ concealers
Daniel Sandler – Camouflage Concealer and Catwalk Compact
Bobbi Brown – Colour Corrector, Concealer duo, Foundation stick
Illamasqua – Cream Pigment, Skinbase Foundation
Sleek Makeup – Base Duo kit
MUA Cosmetics – Conceal & Brighten kit

Here’s the full finished look with Daniel Sandler products.
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