During a recent 3 for 2 deal at my local high street chemist, I bought the Max Factor nail lacquer to make up the numbers on the deal. It was an impulse buy but given that it was the free item I just grabbed a colour I thought looked nice.


Max Factor Colour Effects nail varnish in shade 02 Bronze £3.99


Here it is in bottle and on the nail. It’s a pretty sparkly coral/ bronze shade that flatters most skin tones. My daughter chose this out of a selection of 10 various colours and so we gave it a go.

I wasn’t keen on this myself, not because of the shade but it’s the sheerness and finish that let this down. I applied, removed and re-applied twice to try and get a smooth finish. 2 minutes later it still hadn’t dried properly and smudged again. I decided to let it smudge, as my daughter is only 3, she didn’t mind too much.

The sheer finish means that you need to build it up in layers. But the glitter in it means that on coats 2 and 3 it doesn’t apply smoothly and is too easily smudged. If you’re already wearing a base coat of a good nude polish to even out your own nail colour, then it would look really beautiful as the glitter particles catch the light and give a really nice sheen.

I’m not a fan of sparkly nails anyway, I love block colour or even better matte nails myself. If you do like sheer nail colour with a dusting of glitter then this is the shade for you.


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