Browsing Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts of many of my bridal make-up artist peers I’ve found that I can often look at a photo and guess who the make-up artist is. I’ve been debating internally whether this is a good thing and should I have a signature look.

What’s the problem? Well, if you’re known for just one look, that can be very limiting. If your clients all want your signature look, you may start to be seen as a one-trick pony. If you’ve seen a certain tiger stripes contour specialist from a well known Lebanese make-up artist, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

As a make-up artist, people often ask about my ‘signature look’. I don’t have a signature look as such because every face is unique and I don’t do copy + paste make-up.

While I don’t have a signature look, I do have a signature style. Skin that looks like skin!


I love bringing out the natural beauty in every face. Subtle highlighting or contouring can really bring out the natural beauty in every face.

My opinion is that you don’t always need it. It really depends on the individuals skin and bone structure.

Some of the images above have no highlight and no contour. Some have soft highlight. Some have subtle contour. Some have both.

What is common to all the images is that make-up is used to enhance the beauty that is already there, not mask it. So let’s raise a cheer for clean beauty and skin that looks like skin!