Along with my trusty Elizabeth Arden 8H Skin Protectant, these are the four products that between them, got me through two summer pregnancies and cured all the skin niggles that go along with dry summers and raging hormones.

Hay Max

Hay Max is a natural, organic (Soil Association certified) hay fever remedy that you rub around the nostrils and it acts as a pollen barrier.


This was a sample received as part on my first Bounty pack in Spring 2009. It came just in time for me as my hay fever kicked in early that year. As well as being great at keeping pollen at bay, it was perfect for soothing chapped skin around my nostrils and preventing flaking. I never found it in stores so ended up holding on to my sample pot for the duration of pregnancy #1 in 2009, nursing in 2010, pregnancy #2 in 2011 and nursing in 2012. It saw me well through 4 hay fever seasons. Not bad for a freebie.

£5.99 for 5ml | Available from Boots, Holland & Barrett, Amazon and health care stores nationwide.

Mario Badescu Healing Cream
This is a cream I use to heal my acne scars but it also has skin calming properties. This worked wonders on dry, sore patches of skin on my cheeks during the harsh windy days and dry summer days.
Straight after my daughter was born, my skin was very dry, like arid dry. While in hospital my skin was drinking up the moisture from my face cream and was still very tight and sore. I massaged some healing cream into my cheeks and forehead where the skin was tightest, and it was all smooth again after a week. A fantastic multi-use cream.

£15.50 0.5oz | Available online from Beauty Bay or direct from Mario Badescu. Limited availability in stores.

Darphin Chamomile Aromatic Care-Sensitive Skin facial oil

Prior to trying this skin oil, I had always dismissed skin oils as too risky for my acne-prone skin. Pregancy #2 was in 2011, the year of many weddings… 10, 12, I don’t even remember how many I went to. The wedding where I was most concerned about looking my best was my younger sisters’ wedding in October 2011. Come June 2011, my skin had taken a beating. A few early heatwaves in May and June, and a holiday to Sardinia (so hot, so dry, gorgeous!) had really taken all moisture out of my skin.

All of my vitamins and minerals were being absorbed by my body just to keep going. There was nothing left for my skin and I needed a helping hand if I wanted to get my skin ready for October. I nipped in to Space NK St. Pauls one lunchtime for a skin consultation. The wonderful adviser there recommended a few products and let me have a feel and try of each one on different parts of my face. This oil was the most surprising find for me, as it wasn’t as ‘oily’ or ‘greasy’ as I had expected. It can be worn all over the face, or just on drier areas.

I still use it now, mixing a couple of drops in with my regular moisturiser, and on very dry days I’ll pop some in with my foundation. The best thing about it for me is that it can be worn under or over makeup. I found that very often during my pregnancy, I’d get sudden dry spots appear on a daily or even hourly basis. Sometimes you only notice the driest spots after putting on foundation  as it can highlights the dry areas. This oil can be dabbed lightly onto the problem areas after your makeup is applied and so it fixed my problem quite nicely thank you. It’s pricey but worth every drop. A little goes a long way. I still have my bottle from 2011.

£41 for 15ml | Available online from Look Fantastic, Feel Unique, in store at Space NK and many other stores nationwide.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Anyone living in a big city and doing the daily commute on a hot summer’s day could benefit from a good facial spray. I used this a lot during pregnancy as it doesn’t have too many chemicals, it is very refreshing and goes on beautifully over makeup or under makeup.


This product is great for those with oily skin as well as dry skin, as it is a very natural way to hydrate. No oil, just water. It’s fantastic and I still reach for it almost daily in the summer.

£5.85 4oz | Available direct from Mario Badescu online, currently sold out on but may be back in stock soon. Limited availability in stores nationwide, so grab it while you can.

What products have got you through your pregnancies? I’d love to share!

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