Here is a quick little tutorial on my signature long-hair updo, that I rocked for basically all of Summer/ Autumn 2013, and have recently been recycling on my sisters hair.


Here’s how to recreate this easy party up-do yourself.

You’ll need:

  • brush
  • Bobby pins
  • 1 spin pin
  • 1 thin hair elastic
  • 1 thick stronghold hair elastic
  • hair donut (if not attaching any jewellery to bun, then you can create without donut)


Let’s get started.

  1. Brush out hair to smooth and detangle hair.
  2. Separate a rectangle section at the front of your hair, about 2-2.5 inches deep, and pin/ tie the remaining hair out of the way.
  3. Lightly backcomb and then re-brush the front section so it is smooth at the front.
  4. Starting from one side (I started from right side), take 2 small sections of hair next to each other and label them in your head as 1 (right one) and 2 (left one).
  5. Twist them so that 2 goes over 1.
  6. Add a little more hair to 2, and then twist over 1.
  7. Add more hair to 1 and twist over 2.
  8. As you do this, you’ll be pulling the braid from right to left, making a sort of braided headband.
  9. Continue to twist braid your headband going from right to left, adding small sections as you go.
  10. Once you reach the tip of your left ear, split the hair into three sections and continue to braid a standard 3-strand braid tying off at the end with the small elastic band.
  11. Pin or clip the braid out of the way, and release the back section of hair.
  12. Brush the back section of hair up into a high ponytail, tying it off with the thick stronghold hair elastic. You can keep this in the centre of your head, or keep the ponytail to one side (choose the side with the braid).
  13. [Long hair variation] Place the donut at the base of the ponytail and then pull it up to the end of the ponytail. Then move the donut down the ponytail rolling the hair into it as you go. When you reach the base of the ponytail/ bun pin the bun into place using bobby pins.
  14. [Short hair variation] Place the donut at the base of the ponytail and then arrange the hair in the ponytail around the donut, pinning as you go round. Make sure that all of the donut is covered.
  15. Release the braid you pinned away earlier, and wrap it around the base of the bun, pinning into place as you go. This look works best if you keep the braid loose as it flows back from your ear to the bun, as it hangs down nicely.
  16. Now pin the jewellery at the centre of the bun – you can use a tikka, brooch or any jewellery pendant, as long as there is a hole that you can thread bobby pins or a spin pin through. This particular jewellery piece I used is very heavy and so I used a spin pin.
  17. Spritz with hairspray and you’re done.

If you’re not attaching jewellery, you won’t need the donut base to add strength to the bun. At step 13, you can just backcomb/ back-brush the ponytail into a birds nest texture. Then sweep the back-brushed ponytail into a bun shape, pinning and smoothing as you go around the base of the bun. Spray with strong-hold hairspray and you’re done.



 Here’s a slight variation on the bun. I braided the bun rather than using a donut here, as my sisters hair is shoulder length and wouldn’t have covered the bun as fully as I wanted. It’s a softer look and as her hair is black, you can’t see the detail until you’re face to face. If re-creating intricate styles, do remember that smaller braids and details show up much better on light hair or highlighted hair.



Bridal variation of the same hairstyle

Bridal variation of the same hairstyle

Here’s the same hairstyle with a more volumised front section. It’s a more polished version suited for brides & bridesmaids.


As you can see, the one hairstyle can be customised and tweaked to suit your face shape. Experiment with it and have fun!