MUA Lip Transformer

Having a good old browse in my local Superdrug store, I spotted this little pot of intrigue for only £4. My curiosity got the better of me and the MUA Cosmetics Lip Transformer found its way into my basket.

So what does it do? Well a dab of the white side will lighten your lipstick, while a blob of the black side will darken your lipstick shade.


It’s essentially a white and a black greasepaint in a handy palette. The texture is similar to my Kryolan greasepaints in that they’re very soft and  creamy in texture. Not too dissimilar from my MUFE Flash palette but the Flash palette is a little dryer and more matte.

Here’s how the MUA colour transformers work in practice.

These are a bit of fun for the consumer market but I couldn’t help wishing they had a blue and yellow tint too. I realise that I could just use my bruise wheel but with a couple of extra mixers, this could be a nice little consumer-friendly version of the Flash Palette.