As the owner of a jewellery brand, for model booking I either use a specific agency I know and trust, or I do my own casting for shoots. Over time, I have seen the good, the bad and the divas.

The process can be frustrating and I get a bit ranty sometimes, as do all casting agents. So ladies & gents, if you’re a model applying for castings, here’s how to avoid pissing off the casting agent before they’ve even met you…

Do you have a portfolio?

Model 1: Hiya, yeah, here’s my Insta.

Casting Agent: Neeeeext!

I want to see a real portfolio. Online is fine, as long as it is on your own website. No Model Mayhem profiles. No StarNow profiles. No Purple Port links. No bl**dy Instagram links!

For portfolio tips, check out my article here “Modelling 101: The Portfolio“.



Do you have a comp card?

Model 2: What’s comp card? Won’t my Purple Port link be quicker?

Casting Agent: Yes. Quicker for YOU. Not for me.

I don’t accept Purple Port links, it’s not the professional way to market yourself.

It may save you time, but is not saving time of the client, or the casting agent. Casting agents need easily printable and shareable comp cards so they can present in a clean and uniform way to the client who will be booking and paying you.

If you were to apply for a job in an office, would you link someone to your Reed profile? No, you’d send your CV. With all the key details in an easy to read format. A hiring manager is no different from casting agents. They get dozens or even hundreds of applications and your job is to make it as easy as possible for them to pick you. So put some effort in! You’ll see the rewards when you get callbacks.

If you want to know what a comp card is, click here for my post “Modelling 101: The Comp Card” with the low-down.


Ignore casting requirements at your peril!

Casting: Model sought. Female model. 5’9″.

Model 3:  I’m 5’5 but 5’9″ in heels.

Me too, love. I’m 5’3″ but I’m 8’0″ on stilts. You are wasting the agent’s time if you have either not read the casting properly, or if you have ignored the requirements. Don’t waste your time and energy by applying to castings you’re not suited for. Focus on finding the castings that you are suited to.

leanna carol


My last golden rule is…

Be patient

When you get to a casting, you will often have a wait. If it’s an open casting, it could be a long wait. Persevere and stay composed at all times, you never know who may be watching in ‘downtime’. When you get in front of the casting director, you have to do yourself justice no matter how long you’ve had to wait. It’s hard when you’re tired and fed up to stay positive but a downbeat attitude or any negativity will show through and your effort will have been wasted.

Keep you head up and rock it!