Sorry #bbloggers, but as much as you rave about how functional the Ikea Alex 9 drawers are, I am just not keen. I like to break from the mold and find more unusual furniture for my house… well, that’s partly true. I have an inherent fear of Ikea, so much so that I need to take anti-anxiety medication before I go into the store. Usually I ask my sister and dad to go to Ikea to collect items for me.

The Alex 9 drawers are functional and suit the needs of most bloggers… but pure white doesn’t suit my bedroom and neither does the £95 price tag. I wanted something a little more vintage looking and smaller (the more space you have, the more you’ll fill it!).

I was having a little browse online and this little number popped up in my search.

It’s made of a wooden shell with a mixture of mdf (drawer bases) and wood (drawer sides) and has a pretty sturdy base and legs. The bonus? It was only £39.99 from B&M.

I have a drawer for each type of makeup item, eye pencils/ shadows, lipsticks, skincare, blushers, bases, palettes etc.

The key is to not overfill them, actually to not fill them fully at all. They have enough space for my personal makeup stash without me having to fill the drawers to the top.

The top of the drawers is large enough for my everyday jewellery box, two perspex cosmetic organisers, my No7 light up mirror and my butterfly trinket boxes. Pretty roomy.

So do I need the whopping 9 drawers of the Alex 9? Nope, 6 will do me just fine.