I’ve worked with a lot of models over the past few years as a working make-up artist.  I’m no expert at modelling but fashion show etiquette, I do know. I’ve seen enough good and not so good models to know the deal at fashion shows.

Here are my 7 golden rules of how to get ahead in fashion.

PFW6 Look 3

7. Be on time. On time means 15 minutes early. You may find no one else is ready then but at least you make a good first impression.

6. Do your homework. Check out the designer line-up in advance. Look at their past collections and see the styles of modelling they like to see on the runway. That will maximise your chances of being selected by them in casting.

5. Practise. Practise. Practise. In the rehearsal room. In the toilets. In the green room. Keep practising the choreography and get the poses right to show off the clothes. Use your ‘waiting’ time in between shows wisely.

4. Don’t criticise the designs. They might not be to your taste but your job is to show them off in the best possible way. You don’t have to like an outfit to know how to model it well.

3. Remember who is employing you.  It’s not the key or head of makeup. It’s not the stage manager. It’s not the sponsors.  Designers are KEY. If it weren’t for them, there would be no show. They have put between 6 months and 2 years into a collection that has 3 minutes to make or break.  They will be stressed.  They will have meltdowns. It’s normal. You would too in their position. Always stay respectful of their wishes and demands.

2. Don’t complain/ change the look. The looks are chosen by designers. It may not be your preferred make-up style, but it’s been carefully selected to fit the designers theme. Complain about the look or change it yourself at your peril. You won’t be asked back again next season.

1. Respect the make-up kit. NEVER, and I mean NEVER touch make-up that belongs to the make-up team. You have no idea how much this lipstick or  that palette costs. You break it, you buy it. I am not going to sit quietly and absorb the cost of replacing a £100 palette. If you ‘accidentally’ walk away with it, you will return it.


Are there any golden rules you think I’ve missed? Comment below if I have!