As I was recommending the multi-use Lush creamy pigments to a fellow make-up artist, I realised that I hadn’t played with mine in a little while.


Lush Cosmetics – cream pigment in Decisive

Here’s a quick look at my favourite red lip cream from the Emotional Brilliance range. It’s called Decisive and is a lovely pinky red that has the added bonus of making teeth look whiter in contrast to the lips.

I love a classic red lip and especially a good matte. Matte lip colours can be very drying, which is why I love lip creams.  They tend to have a smoother, creamier (as you’d expect) texture and are just as pigmented but less drying.

Once I’d got over the boom of the red lips, I was tempted to play a little.  Here’s where the lovely antique gold Happiness comes in.

The Emotional Brilliance shades are really beautiful and the textures lend themselves to multiple purposes (lips/ eyes/ water effects). They are a little on the pricey side at £14.50 for 5g but a little goes a long way. Are they worth it? For me, a resounding yes.