Jewellery is more than adornment for me. The right piece of jewellery can lift my mood. Like the right pair of shoes, it can make me walk and talk with more confidence.

My jewellery collection is a mixture of designer jewellery, precious gemstones, replica crystals, high street trinkets, and ethnic and desi tribal styles, and Bollywood bling. It’s an eclectic collection with a piece for every occasion.

I recently discovered the Australian jewellery brand Lovisa in my local shopping centre and found a similarly eclectic range of jewellery inside. The jewellery style is so me, and I felt like I was in an Aladdins cave of bling jewels. Jewellery heaven.

For me jewellery is a fun expression of my mood for the day, but also can lift me up and empower me on a low day. Jewellery doesn’t always have to be expensive to do this.

Here are some of my purchases over the past year from Lovisa. All were under £10, except for the boxed jewellery, which were £10 each (special Mother’s Day offer, rrp £19).

Mother’s Day gift from me to me. Why not?

Second part of my Mother’s Day gift to myself

My 10 year old daughter already has her eyes on my jewellery collection and keeps asking when she’ll get it… Girl, be patient, you’ll get my whole jewellery collection when I die.

Her response? “Including all the Indian jewellery?”

Yes, including all the Indian jewellery. What can I say? My girl has good taste.

Lovisa UK online store

Lovisa high street stores are located in: Basingstoke, Brighton, Bristol, Bromley, Guildford, Leeds, London, Manchester, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth, Preston, Solihull, Southampton, Stoke on Trent, Uxbridge, Watford.