You walk into your high street chemist or local department store and… Bam! You’re faced with aisles and aisles of make-up.

You just want a little foundation. Just one that works for you. How do you sift through all of the options? Liquid. Gel. Mousse. Cream compact. Powder foundation. Mineral foundation… argh, too many choices!

Let me break it down for you.

The purpose of foundation is to even out redness, skin pigmentation, cover spots and blemishes and smooth out uneven skin tone. It should give a flawless, natural finish.
EyeSpyBeauty foundation

Simple guidelines

Dry skin – cream for full/ heavy cover, or liquid for light to medium cover.

Normal skin – cream for full/ heavy cover, powder for sheer cover, liquid for evening out skin tone or light to medium buildable cover.

Oily skin – powder or liquid


Handy tips:

  • Cream foundations can be thinned out or sheered down for lighter coverage. Use a mixing medium to thin the formula down without affecting performance. You can get these from pro stores but increasingly these are becoming available in the consumer market.
  • Liquid foundations can also be thinned out and made more lightweight by missing with your moisturiser. It works best with an oil-free moisturiser and you’ll have made a DIY BB cream.
  • If you have oily skin, you still need to moisturise well before applying foundation. Not moisturising will encourage your skin to create more sebum, making your face look greasier than if you’d just put on a good lightweight moisturiser. Powder foundations also look most natural when the skin underneath it is well moisturised.

foundation choices

Gel foundation

These are silicone-based formulae and are suitable for all skin types except very oily. The real bonus is that they tend to be very long-lasting. They are also more likely to be water-resistant and tear-proof due to the silicone base.

Mousse foundation

These are very light and have a whipped mousse texture that dries to a matte finish. I like to apply these lightly with my fingers and blend out with a sponge. Great for those with normal to oily skin that want light or buildable cover.

Mineral make-up

So… where does mineral make-up come into this? Let’s be honest, all make-up contains minerals. Those that call themselves ‘mineral make-up’ are not that different from regular make-up. If a particular mineral make-up brand suits you, go for it, but don’t get sucked into thinking that only those branded as ‘mineral make-up’ contain minerals, and please don’t think that just minerals = healthy and natural. Just because a product is natural does not make it automatically good for you. Heck, arsenic is natural and that isn’t really too good for you. Think about it.

If you want the skinny on mineral make-up, get the facts from a real ingredients expert, Kevin James Bennett. Here. Read it. Go on. It will all make sense once you do.


So that was a whistle-stop guided tour of the foundation aisle… let me know how your foundation shopping goes, guys & dolls!