Back in February I visited a fashion showcase held at Gibraltar House. The first two designers, Maria Bustillos and Stella Courtney were featured in previous posts here and here. While their designs were interesting and creative, it was in the next room that we found a designer that suited my style perfectly, ElElCie, by 23-year old student, Rajvi Lodhia.

ElElCie showcased a stunning array of ornate dresses and open kaftans of silk, satin, and georgette. The fabrics and design gives the wearer comfort and added confidence. I wear a lot of these style of jackets as they give a little more body coverage over my dresses or trouser & top combos. That confidence boost is exactly the reason why designer Rajvi Lodhia designed the collection. She herself wanted to feel confident with her body again without covering in wades of material. The light layers of chiffon, lace and silk cover without drowning the wear in fabric. Modest fashion goals. The collection isn’t specifically made for Muslim women, but it caters to our needs perfectly. I can see these doing very well in the Hijabi/ modest fashion market.  

I’m not generally a fan of leopard-print but even I would gladly wear this leopard-print silk open kaftan. I generally avoid satin as is is an unforgiving fabric. If satin is stretched or tight over any part of the body, it creases awfully and loses the flowing easy look. That said, I tried on this gold satin kaftan and found that the sleeves, particularly the armholes were loose enough to be forgiving even on my less than svelte self. The subtle darts just below the bust gave just the right shade without being tight. The kaftans themselves are really well-designed, and genuinely are free sized. I was really impressed with the attention to detail that designer Rajvi put into the collection.

Head to the ElElCie website to see more of the collection and to purchase.