Moroccan lamps

Moroccan lamps

Home Sense is most definitely my favourite home store. My house is full of pictures, mirrors, lamps, and other decor from Home Sense. Every time I walk in I want to buy the whole store.

Even if I’m not buying, I wander in for inspiration. I always find really simple but wonderful little tricks to brighten up my home.






This is one of my favourite pieces in store but I’m not brave enough to try it in my house. It looks like a brightly painted mirror with heart cutout, but get closer and you’ll see the amazing detail.


Here’s a close-up. It’s made from folded foreign language magazines. Really creative.




The one thing I’m a bit obsessed with now are gift boxes and the gorgeous storage boxes from Home Sense. I am so bad a gift-wrapping but now all my gifts look amazing and super-luxury.

What are your homeware must-haves? Any new recommendations for stores for me to try?