The colour chameleon in me is often at war with my makeup artist ‘uniform’ of black, black and more black. When I worked in retail, the uniform was any smart tailored dress or trouser/ skirt suit, as long as it was black. On set in theatre… yep, we wear black… yup, it’s a classic but can be a little dull.

Here’s where I love to add a pop of colour or in this case an explosion of colour, wearing it like a crown or beacon of light and colour atop my little head…

This is probably my favourite hijab. Cotton and lightweight, yet as bright and colourful as the inner Tas. I used to sell scarves and hijabs and I bought a small batch of these to test the water with my customers. They sold out in minutes, though I did hold one back (it was on the model dummy head) and I bought it for myself.

I love how I can wear it with a sophisticated evening outfit to add a little colour, or wear it against a regular shift dress for the office. I have worn it on my head (obvs), around my neck, as a belt, and tucked into my belt… it is a very versatile scarf. I went back to my old supplier for a few similar designs but sadly these were a one-off.  I will be keeping my eyes peeled however for more colour burst hijabs to add to my collection.

Are you a colour chameleon or more of a simple sophisticate?