New year, new job… but same me. In 2018 there are very few changes, as I don’t believe in New Years’ Resolutions or the New-Year-New-Me statements.

Instead I’m continuing with healthy eating and phasing out processed food. My energy levels are higher than they were 18 months ago, my skin is clearer and more naturally hydrated, and I’m doing light to moderate exercise daily.

EyeSpyBeauty health kick

Sounds great so far, but… I have a lot of weight to lose before hitting my target. So… to give me an added push, I’ll be sharing my progress with healthy eating, weight loss and exercise here monthly.

So here it goes… the starter blocks…

28 Feb

Weight: 85kg/ 13st 5lb

Measurements: chest 36inch, bust 39inch, waist 37inch, hips 46inch, thighs L – 25inch R – 25inch (using this measurement guide)

Now I’m power-walking to and from work daily (6 miles round trip) and taking a brisk walk at lunch time, I’m seeing the positive effects already. My legs are more toned, my stamina & fitness levels are up, and both my sciatica and my asthma are under control. It’s a win-win all round and ties in nicely to my healthier eating over the past 2 years.

Here’s to the start of the healthier happier me!