Kebelo is a salon range that started in 2010 and are well respected in the industry for their smoothing products. Building on the success of their smoothing range, Kebelo expanded their product line to cater for fine hair, curly hair, and dry/ damaged hair. I was sent a sample of their clarifying shampoo as part of a beauty box, and in all honesty, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I love my brightly coloured hair but it requires regular top-ups to keep it bright and vibrant. Regular shampoo and conditioners tend to leave silicone deposits on my scalp and down the hair shaft (it gives the illusion of shine and health, but is just a silicone coating contained in most shampoos) and so when I re-dye my hair, I need to use a pre-cleanse or clarifying shampoo beforehand to remove the build-up of product in my hair and on my scalp. I also use a clarifying shampoo twice a month, even when not colouring, to remove general silicone or styling product build-up in my hair, as that can make it more brittle and prone to breakage.

I used to use the Ojon Detox shampoo but that was discontinued a while back and I ran out of my own stash mid-last year. I then tried the Tresemme Deep Cleansing shampoo, which gets the job done but leaves my hair really dry. I’ve been on the hunt for a new clarifying shampoo that is sulfate free, SLS free and of course silicone-free. Kebelo ticks those three boxes, so I decided to road test it over January/ February.

First use: 1 week prior to recolouring hair

Hair felt softer and silkier after use. The main difference I noted was that my roots felt almost lighter. I noticed this when I ran my fingers through my hair, I didn’t get a dry/ gunky feeling at the roots.

Second use: day of recolouring hair

Not noticed any less breakage just yet but my hair was just as soft and silky as first use. After colouring my hair, I did notice a much more even tone to the colour and the colour had penetrated the roots much better as well.

Third use: two weeks after recolouring hair

There was some colour slippage, as washing with water with or without shampoo will cause some colour to be washed out of the hair. This is usually much higher when using a detox/ clarifying shampoo. I didn’t however notice excessive colour slip, certainly no more than when I just shampoo with regular shampoo. I have noticed less breakage of hair since using the shampoo. I haven’t seen nearly as many ‘snapped’ or broken hairs as I clean my hair brush out every day. This indicates to me that the hairs shed are those that fall out due to natural renewal of hair.


Thereafter I used the Kebelo Clarifying shampoo just once a fortnight to keep my hair a deep clean of all of styling products and other hair deposits. The hair was soft and just normal after every wash with the Kebelo Clarifying shampoo, and for added smoothness I follow up with the Kiehls Sunflower Colour Protect Conditioner (also sulfate-free, SLS-free, silicone-free). My hair is less prone to breakage and I’ve noticed that the hair shedding is back to normal ‘renewal’ rates rather than snapped hairs.

The verdict

  • Fair price tag (£15 for 250ml)
  • Effective – it does its job
  • No abnormal colour-loss/ colour-stripping
  • No loss of hydration
  • Lovely scent
  • Leaves hair smooth and silky
  • Reduces hair breakage over time

In short, I could well add this to my regime for regular use now that my sample has run out. It is a really good option for those with coloured hair, or regularly use styling products, or indeed for those who just like a really nice, fresh, deep clean. 

I’ll be trialling a few more clarifying shampoos in the coming months so subscribe if you want to see more. 

Available from Look Fantastic for £27.99, direct from Kebelo for £15 (250ml)/ £27.99 (500ml), or in a Kebelo salon near you.