“Burning the candle at both ends?” Are you frequently asked this by colleagues, even when you’ve had 8 hours’ sleep? The worst thing is how tired and dishevelled dark circles make you look.

Want to get rid of them? Read on to share from my own experience of battling the dark circles of doom… perhaps I’m being a little dramatic but you get my point…
Dark circles can be a result of bad diet, lack of sleep, poor circulation, and a range of other factors. The key to eliminating them for good lies in understanding your specific cause or trigger.

If you can’t pinpoint it exactly it’s hard to tell which of the following will be best for you. Trial and error may be the best option.


1. Sleep. Personally the only permanent long term solution that eliminates dark circles (not just the appearance of dark circles) is sleep.

2. Massage. In the longer term, keep your blood circulation flowing smoothly under your eyes. Gently massage the undereye area with your ring finger for about 30 seconds a day.

3. Caffeine roll-on. For a quick boost to undereye circulation, try a cooling roll-on treatment containing caffeine. These have the double effect of lightly massaging the area and the caffeine widens blood vessels to allow more blood to pump through. Garnier, Clinique and Biotherm all have good caffeine roll-on products. Some tinted, some clear. I prefer the clear ones myself.

4. Caffeine eye cream. If you’re not keen on the texture of the liquid roll-ons, try an undereye cream containing caffeine. Take a tiny blob (about the size of 1-2 grains of rice) and lightly dab onto the undereye with your ring finger. Pat it into the skin and let it soak in before applying any makeup. There are good creams on the market by MAC Fast Response Eye Cream, Origins and the cult US favourite 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream.

5. Tea bags. If you’re in a bind and need to get rid of the dark circles organically, try this. Dip a fresh tea bag in cold water and then place on your undereye. The caffeine in the tea does the same job as the caffeine creams.

Personally I don’t like the caffeine options. They do work but only on the top layers of skin. I prefer a combination of sleep and massage, with a cover up in the meantime.

6. Conceal it. Use a concealer in the same shade as your skin. Don’t use a shade or a half-shade lighter as this will draw more attention to the undereye area. For full coverage, use a creamy concealer and pat lightly onto undereyes with ring finger. Press right into the inner corner of the undereye to make sure you don’t miss a spot. Then set with face powder to guard against concealer meltdown. Don’t sweep powder under the eye as you’ll smear the concealer underneath. Using a small fluffy concealer brush, pick up product onto the brush and lightly push onto the skin under the eyes.

7. Colour correct. I have very dark bluish/ purple dark circles. No concealer alone can cover it. I use a dark peachy/ orangey colour corrector under my eyes. The application method is the same as with concealer (don’t forget to set with face powder). The best colour correctors around are Bobbi Brown (I use dark peach), MAC pure orange colour corrector, and the fantastic value Sleek concealer and corrector palette.

8. Conceal + caffeine. Try a concealer with caffeine in its formula. Budget makeup brand Eyes Lips Face have a good liquid concealer with caffeine, in their E.L.F. Studio range Undereye concealer and highlighter. Also available in the UK here www.eyeslipsface.co.uk.

My weapons of choice are my Bobbi Brown colour corrector and Bourjois healthy mix face powder (it’s so finely milled that it won’t crease).

So ladies & gents, I hope that this does the trick for you. Try them and see what works best for you.

If you have any other remedies, please do share in comments below!